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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

DT and Art

Each class has their very own artist to explore and research alongside their topic work. This channels not only Art, but also Design and Technology. Here is some of our amazing Art and D&T work displayed in our classrooms and in our sketchbooks.

Year 1 - Andy Goldsworthy, Clarice Cliff and Emma Bridgewater


Year 2 - Andy Goldsworthy


Year 3


Year 4 - Picasso


Year 5 - William Morris


Year 6


In Foundation Stage we are able to be creative in many areas of our learning. We get the opportunity to paint and explore new skills like collaging, pointilism and junk modelling. We are very proud of our work, we display it in our learning journeys!

Not only are we creative inside our classroom, we also use the sculture area outdoors to channel our creativity!