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STEM at St Maria Goretti

At St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy, we are passionate about and recognise the importance of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Our aim is to provide high-quality, cross-curricular learning in STEM subjects to provide our pupils with opportunities to broaden their experiences and aspirations for future careers in STEM. 

We are so passionate about these subjects that we have our own dedicated STEM Room and Phizz Lab which is kitted out with special desks and stools and includes resources for experiments such as microscopes, magnifying glasses and even an anatomical face, arm and skull! Our pupils get hands-on with a range of investigative work and learn about everything from liquids and solids through to light refraction and electricity!


Our STEM room is not just for Science though! Thanks to UK Fast, it is equipped with a Raspberry Pi Café which allows our pupils to access a wealth of coding software as part of our Computing lessons and our regular Code Club.

Design technology lessons also take place in our STEM room which houses a fully fitted kitchen to allow our pupils to learn how to prepare food safely. Our tall benches and stools also make a great surface for our pupils to get hands on and take part in construction based learning.

Whilst many of our Maths lessons may take place in our own classrooms, the Maths skills we have learned are applied in our Science, Technology and Computing lessons regularly – giving pupils the opportunity to apply their learning to problem solving and real-world situations!

As the hub school for the Keele Ogden Trust Partnership, we regularly host CPD events for teachers from across the city.


Our Science Subject Leader, Miss Royall is also a Science Influencer in the city and works closely with the Science Across the City initiative which aims to develop Science teaching across Stoke on Trent.  


For more information about STEM in our school and useful learning resources, visit our STEM class pages:


Technology (Computing)

Engineering (Technology & Art)